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To keep your telecom infrastructure (both landline and mobile) optimized

Amtel’s Human Support is the cornerstone of Amtel’s Telecom Expense Management Solution. Our expert service managers work side-by-side with your telecom managers and IT administrators to keep your telecom infrastructure (both landline and mobile) optimized for the best usage, lowest cost, and ROI.

Each Amtel client is assigned a service manager, an expert at what we call our “Human Support” team, who knows your needs. Each service manager is supported by a back-up service manager who is informed on all aspects of your account such as developments and changes in the account. This back-up service manager can step in at a moment’s notice if needed. These service managers are supported by the Amtel engineering team 365 days a year.

The members of our Human Support team have over 100 years of cumulative experience as former employees of major U.S and International carrier organizations. They know how to work with the carriers to get the job done. For most clients, our professional services team significantly reduces the internal workload of dealing with landline and mobile invoice processing, mobile device ordering, inventory monitoring, and optimization for both landline and mobile services.

Amtel provides order management assistance to administrators via our Help Desk. Our Help Desk team members, also part of our Human Support team, deliver both landline and mobile telecom services, including:

The Industry’s Most Robust Knowledge Base

Amtel’s Telecom Expense Management Solution includes a constantly-updating Knowledge Base, which includes a complete database of devices, manufacturers, carriers, services, rate plans, and carrier data. Because the Knowledge Base is integrated in the solution itself, support tickets are kept to a minimum, and those that are filed can be resolved efficiently and effectively. Help Desk inquiries get prompt attention and are always taken seriously. Our job is to enhance the client’s ability to resolve the issue or immediately to escalate the situation so that a solution is delivered based on the client’s approved policies and procedures. With Amtel’s solution, the client’s employees can focus on their core business tasks. Our complete Telecom Expense and Mobile Devices Management Solutions address and resolve critical issues facing IT professionals as it minimizes expense, lowers risk, and increases efficiency. All of which is supported by our industry-leading Human Support customer service team. Every single day. Get started now!

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