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Amtel Telecom Contract Management
Ensure cost effectiveness and reliability of contracted services

Amtel’s Telecom Expense Management includes an integrated Contract Management System to ensure cost effectiveness and reliability of contracted services. It helps enterprises to manage and ensure compliance with multiple carrier contracts and their SLAs. The system can automatically validate invoices against contracts. And it tracks monthly spend to correlate commitment levels.


Ensure Contract Compliance

Our Telecom Contract Management System’s automated notification capabilities send automated notifications to management, alerting the appropriate person that certain contracts are nearing the end of their term and need to be renegotiated. For mobile services, the system tracks each individual user contract and sends an alert when equipment upgrades are due. Our Contract Manager tracks:

Professional Contract Negotiation Services

Amtel provides professional services for successful negotiation of telecom contracts. Companies often lack experts who have specialized telecommunication knowledge and understanding of the implications of negotiating contracts. Our professionals have the skills to negotiate contracts in the best interests of our clients.

Our complete Telecom Expense and Mobile Devices Management Solutions address and resolve critical issues facing IT professionals as it minimizes expense, lowers risk, and increases efficiency. All of which is supported by our industry-leading Human Support customer service team. Get started today!

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