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Amtel Telecom GL Cost Allocations
Automates enterprise-wide invoice management and chargebacks across departments

Amtel’s Telecom Expense Management includes GL/Cost Allocations Manager that automates enterprise-wide invoice management and chargebacks across departments and / or locations.

Companies can set up telecom cost allocation rules for cost centers based on a variety of factors including percentage share, department and / or GL codes for various telecom services.

Our Telecom Cost Allocations Manager accepts invoices via our fully integrated TEM Invoice Manager in a wide variety of formats, nearly regardless of how telecom carriers make their invoice data available, including:

Telecom GL Cost Allocations

Invoice Allocations & Approval Process

The GL/Cost Allocations Manager delivers a hierarchical invoice approval workflow. Once the Service Manager releases the invoice to the appropriate customer representative, the system then tracks the invoice through each approval level into Accounts Payable, where the invoice is paid and then closed in Invoice Manager. Invoice Manager also conducts a detailed invoice audit (overseen by your Amtel Service Manager), comparing invoice data to inventory and contract data. Identified discrepancies produce billing tickets which are logged with the carrier for reconciliation and recovery of those inaccurate charges. Your Amtel Service Manager follows these billing tickets until they are resolved.

Our complete Telecom Expense Management Solution addresses and resolves critical issues facing IT professionals as it minimizes expense and increases efficiency. All of which is supported by our industry-leading Human Support customer service team. Get started today!

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